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 [HOW TO] Roleplay a Drive-by!

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Delmar Rivers

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PostSubject: [HOW TO] Roleplay a Drive-by!   Tue Jul 12, 2016 6:46 pm


As the title says, this guide is specially made for people to understand how to make a normal drive by into a realistic drive by, by simply adding some extra roleplay into it. This will give, not only you, but other LSRP players a nice flaw when confronting with such situations. It will also, in my opinion, develop you a nice reputation by doing such things, instead of being cursed at for not knowing how to act in/create such incidents.


[size=125]Preparing for a drive by[/size]

Before even thinking of going with bunch of automatics and spray up a rival faction you should take some things in consideration. Nowadays, gangbangers tend to use pistols or shotguns in drive byes because it's way more easier for them to shoot and to be more accurate with the firearm itself, instead having a huge recoil fully automatic gun. But as LSRP won't let you drive by with Desert Eagles due to them having a huge damage on properties/players you can simply appeal to automatic handguns/rifles /gauges (UZI, Tec-9, AK-47, M4, Shotgun).

Now, as you've chosen your gun, you should start roleplaying (in a house/apartment preferably) as you'd be preparing yourself mentally for the drive by, because afterall, even IRL gangbangers don't just jump in a car and go shoot like you see in movies and stuff, they first motivate themselves, think of all the consequences and then they decide if they should go or no. Beside preparing themselves mentally, they also prepare their firearm and check if it's not bugged/damaged. After loading in the magazine, you can now go to your vehicle with your fellow friends and hit the road.


[size=125]The adrenaline flaw[/size]

Imagine yourself now this. You're in the car, the semi automatic rifle laying on your lap as you're on your way to your rival faction and on your way to the moment you're expecting. Only by reading those words, it gives me personally an image of how freaked out I'd be. Well trust me, same would be your character. The "being an 10 years old gangbanger" thing won't work, as such situations will always affect your character mentally. This is not a joke, this is the moment of truth and your character is being halfly paranoid, thinking of all the consequences he might get into if he fails, expecially risking to get killed by the law enforcement or by the rival gang members. Your character's body would by all hyped up, adrenaline flowing through his blood as he'd be even shaking in the worst case. Now, such feelings need to be roleplayed, as afterall noone is a robot, not even your character, therefore he'd feel those things before doing the hit.

Okay, now, I'm not meaning that every character would react this way. If he's been involved in such situations before, he'd be less stressed, but still a little bit moved by the upcoming incident. He'd be ready to shoot for his representing gang and send the message to his enemies, he'd even risk himself to walk out the car and shoot (but that would now be a walk up, not a drive by), but again, this is only if he's a veteran in such situations, because if he is, that gives him for trust into himself, makes him more confident that he won't fail. Why? Because he's done this thing dozens of times and still hasn't been caught up nor he has failed.


[size=125]The drive-by itself[/size]

Attacking party:
The moment of truth has come, you're now seconds away from doing the hit and represent your clique with pride. As the car creeps through the street, you'd be ready for the signal to lean out the window and discharge your gun at your enemies. Then you get the signal, the car accelerates as you lean out and spray your rivals with the assault rifle. It's a matter of seconds before your car if out from the scene, you leaning back in and being happy of how everything went so good. Sounds simple and easy, right? Well let me tell, it is "simple and easy" for real life situations, but for LSRP it is not. Why? Simply, because many people nowadays tend to follow their enemies with the car in the most thinnest alleways just to extend the number of bodies. That's the most stupidest mentality in my opinion. You don't simply go with the car and follow everyone to shoot them down to death. Why? Because this is supposed to be a message, not a manslaughter, because you risk for a patrolling police cruiser to notice you, because you risk for rival gangbanger to pull out his gun in adrenaline and maybe shoot the driver by luck, or because you risk to be caught up on CCTV cameras and later on be sentenced to SACF for murder, manslaughter, reckless driving, drive by, and would pretty much end up with a long time in SACF, if not worse, CKed.

Therefore, I decided to search for some good examples and bad examples of drive by's from movies/LSRP/real life situations. Look and make yourself an idea of what I'm talking about:

Good drive-by examples:

Bad drive-by examples: [altspoiler="WARNING, THIS VIDEO CONTAINS DISTURBING MATERIAL"][/altspoiler]


Attacked party:
For the individuals that are being shot up, they should most likely respond accordingly to the drive by. I've myself witnessed drive bys, in which the attacked gang members (some of them) just stay, or run towards the car or pull out their gun and shoot instead of roleplaying the moment fear and running away towards the closely house/alleyway they know. Well, that's what they're supposed to do, RUN not powergame and act like they're some invincible guys. Some good examples for responses to drive bys:


[size=125]The moments after the drive-by[/size]

After clearing out from the murder scene, your character is even more paranoid than he was before. His mind goes through a process of analyzing all the probable consequences he might get. Therefore, you should roleplay your character now being more hyped up, acting strange from time to time if not, his hands trembling at least. You should be now careful for any cruiser or rival gang member that you see in a car as you never know what might hit you. Finally, you've arrived home, where you'd most likely rush in your house with your friends, discuss about what happened, hiding the assault rifles then continuing your life in the neighborhood.
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[HOW TO] Roleplay a Drive-by!
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